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Landers Insurance Services is an independent insurance broker specializing in flood insurance. We have been online helping individuals like you save on flood insurance for years. We give you the power of choice. We work for you not the insurance companies, which means you save! We sell over 5 different A rated flood insurance products.

What homeowners need to know about Flood Insurance

As you probably know, regular homeowners insurance does not cover damage caused by a flood. You need seperate specialty insurance called flood insurance. A flood is defined as an excess of water on land that is normally dry. Flood insurance is a single peril policy and only covers direct physical loss by or from flood.

The new Flood Insurance Reform Act has changed the way FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Programs is run. The key changes include, rising flood insurance rates to correctly reflect flood risks, make the NFIP financially stable, and change how flood insurance rate maps are calculated. FEMA will increase rates by 25 percent each year tell premiums refelect full risk rates. Also, in 2013 alot of susidies and discounts will eb eliminated from the program leaving homeowners on their own to pay for the increased rate.

Flood Insurance Customer Reviews

"Thanks for the excellent service... saved me over $300"

              -John M. from Spokane, WA
"Excellent Job...I was able to get a fast quote online and then call up an agent and he explained all the coverages and fine tuned my flood policy"

              -Steve A. from Missoula, MT
"Thank you for the great help. The person I spoke with was very nice and helpful. She walked me through the coverage and spent the time explaining insurance in normal terms. Highly recommend getting insurance through here"

         -Jodi Ann from L. Houston, TX
"I used to be with Geico but then I shopper around and found this place and they have been great"

                              -Phil G. Boise, ID

Homeowner’s Guide to Elevation Certificates

An Elevation Certificate is an important tool that documents your building’s elevation. If you live in a high-risk flood zone, you should provide an Elevation Certificate to your insurance agent to obtain flood insurance and ensure that your premium accurately
reflects your risk. Obtaining an Elevation Certificate also can help you make decisions about rebuilding and mitigation after a disaster. Your insurance agent will use the Elevation
Certificate to compare your building’s elevation to the Base Flood Elevation (BFE). The base flood is a flood with a 1 percent chance of occurring in any given year. The BFE identifies how high the water is likely to rise (also called water surface elevation) in a base flood. The land area of the base flood is called the Special Flood Hazard Area, floodplain, or high-risk zone. Flood insurance rates in a high-risk zone (a zone beginning with the letter A or V) are based on a building’s elevation above, at, or below the BFE.

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